The Struggle

It was somewhere in the Talladega National Forest.

After surviving the tail of the dragon, our confidence was high. We missed our turn and, needing to loop back around, I slowed down and, feeling pressure from the 2 cars behind us, I decided to pull off the road. Our speed was still too high. When the rear tire caught a patch of loose dirt, I overcompensated on the handlebars. The bike flipped back around and threw us off.

I struggled to free my left leg from under the bike. Lauren had been tossed about a meter but survived with a patch of road rash on her palm. With our tail between our legs, we limped to the nearest bbq hut to inspect the motorcycle. He had lost a blinker, a tail light, and one saddle bag had been crushed.

We cautiously forged on into the rain.

#americandream #smalltown #motorcycle #photography #travel

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